Keyboards & Vocals

Ed Melendez

Ed is a native of California, and a seasoned composer, producer, studio musician, and music pastor. Ed grew up on top 40 radio and enjoys bringing those classic songs back to life. His wealth of experience in music has lent him to contribute to a variety of contemporary, classical, stage, and studio projects. As a self-taught musician, he likes to infuse many of his eclectic influences and a keen ear for melody into his varied compositions and performances. Or in the kitchen making for awesome dishes. Ed is married and loves spending time with friends and his family. You will often find him composing jingles or writing for other musical projects.

Favorite Album:
(1989) March, Michale Penn

Composing Music, Cooking, Going Out

Best Concert:
Marillion, At the Palace In Los Angeles, CA 1990

Fun Fact:
Performed on national television in the revamped version of The Gong Show, in the late  1980’s