Guitar & Vocals

Ray Alaniz

Ray is a native of the Rio Grande Valley who first entered into the music scene later in life than most musicians being in his 20’s. He played local keggers and a few bar gigs while gaining and adding to his self taught skills. While in his learning period certain instrument spots could not be filled to complete a jam, Ray accepted the challenge in not only filling in but learning the bass guitar and drums. He eventually moved away from the RGV heading towards the midwest landing into the greater Lafayette area in Indiana in 2004. Ray Alaniz continued to perform and become familiar with the local community through his involvement with several music projects, all mainly original music written by himself and fellow bandmates.He likes to explore in all aspects of music trying to leave no stone unturned. Hand him any piece of music and he will give it a listen.

Favorite Album:
(2003) Train of Thought, Dream Theater

Playing Music, camping and hiking

Best Concert:
Linkin park Deer creek, 2008

Fun Fact:
Giggles a lot