Bass & Vocals

Tony Maughmer

Tony is a seasoned professional with over fifty years of stage experience. A native Indianan, Tony started his musical journey in 1964 after seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. After buying a Mel Bay book and learning to play guitar, two years later he hit the stage and has never stopped. When Disco was big Tony was in a band that played Kansas, Yes, etc. On the road for a year with Our Brothers Keeper, the band was on Columbia at that time. In the late 70’s Tony was in the Southern Rock band Epoch. Recently Tony spent 19 years in Fast Forward and the last 8 in Midlife Crisis. He now happily finds a home in Jukebox Manifesto.

Favorite Album:
(1972) Fragile, Yes

Playing Music

Best Concert:
Supertramp at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago early 1980’s

Fun Fact:
Opened for Styx at Slater Center at Purdue mid 1970’s